Nature inspired hand crafted cyanotype prints & sun printing kits

Obsessed with the beauty of nature? Curious about learning more about plants? Whether it’s the long hot days of summer or the cold grey days of winter, nature blesses us with something to print.

The art of cyanotype was made popular by the first female photographer Anna Atkins in 1842. The process involves painting paper with UV light sensitive chemical, that turns blue when exposed to sunlight.

 However, if you place a plant on top of this paper while the sun kisses the chemical – magic happens - a print of the plant is made!

This process is easy and very DIY. It’s makes you look at nature differently and great for children or the curious - as it combines art with science.

  I’m Daisy a none niche crafter who forages, presses and prints plants. I offer prints as well as kits with full instructions, so you too or a loved one can also enjoy the art of cyanotype.

Watch a full YouTube tutorial on how to cyanotype print