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Undertaking a PhD in Content Creation at the Kingston School of Art, with 63k followers on Instagram and 140k followers on TikTok, and a number of brand collaborations under her belt, Daisy knows a thing or two about reaching an audience and creating a community.

A keen storyteller and an eye for detail, Daisy's research into social media for her PhD, enables her to have a unique insight into the world of the craft of content creation. Passionate about educating, raising awareness and inspiring audiences to feel connected to the values of the client. While Daisy knows how to entertain an audience by jumping on trends, she believes that it is the value of learning something that inspires them to remember the brand.

After 12 years of creating content on Instagram and 3 years of going viral on TikTok, Daisy offers bespoke services to individuals or brands, helping them to jump on trends and connect to their communities.

So, whether you’re here for inspiration, as a client or looking to learn how you too can craft content and tell the stories you want to tell, either through my classes or a 1:1, it’s great to have you here.

Of course, the services are tailored based on the unique needs and objectives of each client. It's important to have a clear understanding of the client's brand, target audience, and overall marketing strategy to deliver effective and cohesive content.

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Royal Botanical Kew Gardens | Economic Botany Collections Content Project (Summer 2023)

During the summer of 2023, Daisy embarked on a dynamic 6 week, over three-month, work placement at the esteemed Royal Botanical Kew Gardens. Collaborating between the Economic Botany Collection (EBC) and The Digital Experience team, Daisy immersed herself in a multifaceted project that showcased her versatility and strategic approach.

Scope of Work:

  • Building Strategic Alliances: Daisy cultivated relationships with Kew Collections team, notably the EBC, to gain an understanding of brand values and objectives. Daisy also worked within the Social Media team in the Dig Ex team to gain an understanding of brand values and objectives.

  • Competitor Analysis and Strategic Insights: A pivotal aspect of the project involved conducting a comprehensive competitor analysis, wherein Daisy reviewed the content strategies of prominent sector competitors. The insights gleaned from this exercise were subsequently delivered to both the EBC and Dig Ex teams.

  • Content Strategy Development: Leveraging her expertise, Daisy worked with the teams to formulate a content strategy based on identified content pillars and innovative ideas. This plan aimed to elevate Collections content in a way that upheld the brand values of the RBG Kew's social media presence across various platforms.

  • Execution and Content Delivery: With a keen eye for detail and a flair for storytelling, Daisy brought the devised content plan to life. Through the creation of diverse content types, strategically deployed on relevant social media channels, she contributed to the brands overarching digital narrative.

  • Performance Analysis and Future Recommendations: Post-implementation, Daisy conducted a meticulous review of the content's performance. The findings, coupled with astute observations, were presented to the teams, accompanied by actionable recommendations for future content initiatives.

This project exemplifies Daisy's adeptness in merging academic insights with practical application, resulting in a successful collaboration that contributed significantly to the Royal Botanical Kew Gardens' digital presence.

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