Daisy Bow is a curious PhD student, crafter, gardener, content creator and cyanotype artist who loves to create accessible DIY kits, engaging content and beautiful floral art. She wishes she had more hours in the day to be able to do all her activities at once.

 You’ve probably stumbled across her content on Instagram or TikTok, so you want a get a cyanotype kit, or some of her prints or you want to learn more about her research on craft communities on social media.

Daisy has a real passion for plants. She is a gardener, forager and takes the time to lovingly press her seasonal finds, and now has a huge collection of pressed flowers in which she uses to make her art.

Daisy also forages at antique markets and carboot sales – this is where she comes across those mysterious glass photo negatives which she brings back to life through the process of cyanotype.

Daisy loves to tell a visual a story and content creation is how she likes to do it. Tied in with her research, she keeps up to date with the workings of platforms like TikTok (86k) and Instagram (4k) and either jumps on a trends or creates original teachable content on the magic of the cyanotype process, nature or craft. She has a full YouTube video tutorial on the whole cyanotype process.

 Daisy is a second year research student at the Kingston School of Art, funded by Techne, where she is looking at the craft community on social media. She is fascinated with the way that craft is experiencing a renaissance and she wants to understand what role the online craft community has play in this. She studied English Literature and the History of Art for her BA, an MA in Gender Without Borders which looked at race, gender, class, sexuality, ability, (basically identity politics) and creative practice in society and culture. She wants to use this space as a way to share her research with a wider audience.