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Daisy Bow Craft

Dandelion Celestial Print

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This print represents the sun the moon and the stars. It is made using sunshine with an old photographic process called cyanotype that makes a photographic print using plants.

This print comes as reproduction and an original one off print, so if you purchase the original print, there will be slight variations as each print will be made with different dandelions and there is no predicting how it will turn out. That's the magic of it.

However, the duplicate will be a copy of an original, with high quality on thick paper.

The print is A5 in size, which is half the size of a piece of paper.

This print has an original poem that states:

"I don’t know, of any other plant
that represents
the sun, the moon and the stars
A plant that feeds the bees
when it’s too cold for others to open
a plant with strong roots that aerates the soil,
where no other roots can grow
A plant that in its whole form,
a medicine
I don’t know, of any other plant
That represents
The sun, the moon and the stars
no other plant, is a gift so grand
disguised as a weed"