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Daisy Bow Craft

Mother's Day Cyanotype Flower and Plant sun Printing Kit

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This is an easy, no fuss DIY cyanotype kit, where you use the sun to print flowers, plants and other items, resulting in gorgeous blue prints.

The packaging has a hand carved and printed lino of a red heart and message which reads, "If you love what you have, you have everything you need".

This special edition pack has 7 x A6 thick hand cut paper, painted with light sensitive chemical called cyanotype: you get 4 x rectangle and 3 x heart shapes (the blue prints in the photos are examples only and not included).

This prepared paper enables the user to create real photos using UV light or sunlight with plants, negatives, stencils or household objects. Instructions and a test strip included, it's science meets art while painting with sunlight!

This kit would be a nice way to preserve gifted or foraged flowers, through printing them! A mess free way for someone who wants to experiment with the process and literally take photographs without a camera. Great for children, plant lovers or gardeners. Buying and mixing the chemicals yourself is great for larger projects, but requires a dark room and a lot of patience, to mix the chemicals, paint and dry. Buying prepared paper means all you have to do is collect the objects you want to print, find a sunny day and print.

Each fine grain - heavyweight paper (200g/m^2) is hand cut, hand painted and made fresh to order, they’ll differ slightly – but that is the beauty of it! I leave a small white border and try to show a little of the brush strokes for extra interest.

I make sure to paint them fresh for each order to maximise quality.

 In the kit

1 x light proof black sealable pouch

7 x A6 cyanotype paper: 4 x rectangle and 3 x heart

1 x how-to brochure


Is your kit a gift? I offer a either a one off A7 cyanotype card with mixed foliage pattern for £1.50.

This is a beautiful way to capture the seasons and the beloved plants in your garden and can be shared with children as a fun activity or done alone as a curious and creative adult who likes to experiment. It would also make a great gift for a gardener. The deep blues that the print produces capture the imagination, as the details of plants from our everyday lives, with their unique qualities and characteristics reveal themselves. The final product can be framed, used as a card or given as a gift.


Each order is painted up fresh and I try to ship orders as soon as possible to maximise quality All UK orders are sent 2nd class and once shipped, should be with you 2-3 working days.

All USA orders are sent on standard delivery and once shipped, should take 5-10 working days.  

All Europe is sent standard and once shipped can take 3-5 working days.

To see some of the work I have created check out my Instagram and TikTok: @daiysbow_craft