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Daisy Bow Craft

Purple/Blue/Red: Bucket Hat printed with real flowers

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This is art for your head!

Each hat is hand painted and completely printed with real flowers that were locally foraged and pressed. Each one is unique and bears the marks of the making process as I hand paint the cotton bucket hat with light sensitive chemicals called cyanotype which enables me to create real photos of flowers and plants using sunshine. The process requires lots of time due to the 3D shape of the hat and its washed about 2 to 3 times because different plants have different exposure times. I print a collection of different plants on each hat but if you have a suggestion - let me know.

the hat is one size 57cm / 22.4 inch but has an adjustable string on the inside of the brim. The brim is average size.

This sun printing process was invented in 1842, made popular by a woman called Anna Atkins and is an early form of photography. Solarfast is the updated version of cyanotype which gives more variety of coloursIt a beautiful way to capture the seasons and wear your favourite flowers all year round. A great gift for gardeners or plant lovers.

<>, I've made a Youtube video that talks you through the whole paper printing process with with tips and tricks!

Solarfast is permanent and can be washed as any other colour fabric, but wash sparingly on a ow temperature to avoid the colour fading.

To see some of the work I have created check out my Instagram or TikTok: @daiysbow_craft